Housewarming Gift, Caramel or Biscuit Artfully designed Scented Soap Cake, Scented Room Decor, Designer Glycerin Stylish Specialty Soap

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Product Description

Artfully-designed Glycerin Scented Soap Cakes, made to look like a bakery cake, while all decoration is real Soap! Bringing the bakery straight to your bath !
It smells good enough you want to eat it!!

ideal for aromatic room decoration too when displays on a Cake dish!

This is an absolutely new idea: soap as a decorative element for Home Decor.

An elegant gift for anyone (for him, for her, for friends, family, relatives, your boss, colleagues, partner... ) and for any occasion (for Anniversary, Feast, Birthday, Party, Wedding, Celebrations...).
Makes a nice centerpiece on your party table - keeps the room smelling beautifully!

Each soap cake is handmade produced from excellent raw materials (among them high quality vegetable glycerin which will leave your skin incredibly soft, silky and moist while smells wonderful and natural essences (healthful fragrances) coming from France) by scientists with 25 years’ experience in cosmetics production. It's made in a professional cosmetics laboratory which is certified by the National Organization for Medicines.Comes shrink-wrapped for protection.

Available in golden-beige-brown (or different upon request) colors and Caramel or Biscuit fragrances ( or any other from our available fragrances, like red grape, pomegranate, berry, chocolate, caramel, apple-cinnamon, chocolate-caramel, upon request).
Each soap cake weighs about 1 kg OR 2.21 pounds, while the average diameter is 17.5 cm or 6.89 in.

When ordering, please state desired shape, color and fragrance.
Our soap cakes are produced to order.

For the presentation, you can use any of our fused glass platter

Happy customers said this:

*** Yes! It was lovely. Smell was good and recipient loved it!

*** Very beautiful and lovingly packed, very nice communication and very fast shipping! Highly recommendable!

*** Love it! I ordered the caramel cake design and caramel fragrance and it looks and smells good enough to eat. It is a real work of art and very professionally made. To use the soap, I cut a wedge out as though it were a real cake and it now looks even more realistic! The soap itself is beautiful to use - the lather is rich, the fragrance is lovely, and it leaves the skin feeling moisturized. This soap cake will last for a very long time but I will definitely be ordering another one, in a new design for a decor change, when it is finished. My package traveled from Greece to Australia. It was very well wrapped and everything arrived in perfect condition. Joanna was a delight to deal with and I am a very happy customer :)

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Housewarming Gift, Caramel or Biscuit Artfully designed Scented Soap Cake,

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